Launched in 2002, How Wack Is That profiled a variety of interesting activities. The site has provided loads of entertainment for many of Scarlett's pals and randoms who have discovered it on the Internets over the last few years. Despite protests from several frequent visitors, Studio 85 1/2 replaced the stale and outdated HWIT. Elements worth preserving are included here along with a few extras that were always intended for HWIT but had not yet made it to the site.

Scarlett Danger's Adventure's Abroad
The blog of the traveler's adventures in the UK and Asia.

This is Scarlett Chidgey's resume.

Food No-Fly List **new**
Food I absolutely do not like to eat (or hate) and food I don't so much like to eat. The list isn't so long, really, compared to all the food out there in the world.

Food I Love **new**
In case anyone wanted to know...

Thank You
Well deserved thanks and acknowledgements.

The Scarlexicon
Finally, an explanation.

Janie in SF
A chronicle of our favorite specialist's life in San Francisco over four years.

Live Nude Jellies
So unique and different, their sound is practically indescribable. This band has been in the studio for years creating their first album Faking It.

THE invitation.